We are dedicated to comprehensive customer service, so we have taken the initiative to answer some questions that you might have about Health o meter® Professional products and policies. If we haven’t answered your question, please contact us.

Where can I purchase Health o meter® Professional products?

Health o meter® Professional products are available exclusively through medical distributors. If you currently purchase your medical supplies and equipment through a distributor, please contact them. You can also call our Customer Service department at 1 (800) 815-6615 or email us at HomProCS@homscales.com for the name of an authorized dealer in your area that carries the item you want.

Whom do I contact to service my scale locally?
How do I calibrate my scale?

Health o meter® Professional scales are factory calibrated. However, if your scale needs to be re-calibrated, please email HomProCS@homscales.com with your scale's model number to receive detailed instructions or contact our Technical Support team at 1 (800) 638-3722. Visit homscales.com/technical-support/calibration/ to learn more.

How do I clean and disinfect my scale?
I would like to receive an additional instruction manual.

Certain models' instruction manuals are available through this web site under the Technical Support page. If you are unable to access the instruction manual needed, please email HomProCS@homscales.com with your scale's model number or contact 1 (800) 815-6615.

How do I receive technical support on my medical professional scale?

Please e-mail your questions along with your scale's model and serial numbers to HomProCS@homscales.com. If you prefer, you may contact us at 1 (800) 638-3722.

I have a Health o meter bathroom scale that does not work properly. Whom should I contact?

Health o meter® consumer scales that are sold through retail stores are serviced by Jarden Consumer Solutions. You can call them at 1 (800) 672-5625 or visit their website at www.healthometer.com.

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