Multiple studies have shown that Health o meter® Professional Scales is the U.S. Market Leader and fastest growing brand in Medical Scales. 

Created in 1919, the heritage of the Health o meter brand includes the honor of being the first to develop an at-home scale and the first to develop the classic “doctor’s” beam scale. Continuing the tradition as a market pioneer, Health o meter® Professional has the distinction of having several other innovations in the market including the first medical scale manufacturer to receive ISO-13485:2016 certification, the first to offer EMR capable scales, and the first to develop wireless connectivity that is also compatible with the hundreds of thousands of Health o meter® Professional scales already in use in the market.


Accuracy – We understand the importance of reliability and build our products to withstand frequent, daily use while maintaining their accuracy.

Expertise – We have designed and manufactured high quality medical scales since 1919. With over nine decades of technical expertise in medical scales, we have the knowledge that is required to design and produce high quality products.

ISO Certified – Pelstar® LLC, the makers of Health o meter® Professional scales is a certified ISO-13485:2016 company. This certification means we manage our company to meet regulatory and customer requirements, while also managing risk and efficiency.

Technology and Design

Industry Leader in EMR Connectivity Solutions – We lead the industry with the most comprehensive connectivity options to digitally transmit weight, height and BMI measurements into EMR systems.

Designed for Comfort and Safety – Our Low Profile Platforms and “Live” Handrails offer patients a more secure and stable weighing experience.

Workflow Efficiency – Our products are simple to use and increase workflow efficiency with value-added features such as automatic BMI calculation and digital height rods.

Service – Rated #1 by Medical Distributors and Healthcare Professionals!

Superior Customer Service – Each of our team members is a product specialist and can assist customers quickly and easily. Available toll-free at 1-800-815-6615.

Direct Tech Support – In-house company representatives are there to answer questions about how to use a scale’s features, how to connect the scale to an EMR system or other functionality questions that may arise. Available toll-free at 1-800-638-3722.

On-Time Delivery – We keep a full warehouse inventory of all of our scales. This ensures that no customer has to wait for a backordered scale or suffer from prolonged workflow disruption.

Nationwide Sales Support – Over 120 qualified manufacturer representatives are available nationwide to assist both end-users and sales teams with training and sales assistance.

Group Purchasing Organization and Distribution Partners

We are partnered with all major medical supply distributors as well as multiple Group Purchasing Organizations. We are happy to offer our scales through these services.


We understand the rising costs of healthcare and budget constraints, so we are committed to offering our high quality, professional scales at a competitive price.

Mission Statement

We will do everything possible to make it easy for our customers to do business with us.

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