Weighing Immobile Patients During the Global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

“There are not enough weighing beds available.”

COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients are being admitted into hospitals or alternative settings like hotels, dorms and convention centers. These facilities are often under resourced and weighing beds are not available. Facilities still need to weigh time critical and immobile patients for medical and drug intervention care.

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“A patient’s weight is critically important when managing COVID-19 patients as well as patients with similar symptoms.”

A patient’s weight is an important parameter in guiding therapy especially those requiring critical care. With ICU beds in short supply globally and caregivers deciding which patients need ventilators, the ability to weigh patients requiring critical care is paramount.

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 “Weighing patients quickly is essential during this pandemic.”

Health systems in Europe have also learned that maximizing patient flow with high patient volumes is essential during this fast spreading outbreak. Their patients are being transferred from gurneys to beds or from beds to beds already. The PTS allows caregivers to weigh patients in a timely manner while maintaining their same protocol for transferring patients.

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“Hoist or Hoyer lifts are hard to keep sanitized.”

The European health systems have experienced an increase in demand for the PTS, especially in areas hit hard with COVID-19. Part of the reason why is facilities’ HOIST or HOYER lifts can be difficult and time-consuming to use and clean in comparison to the Patient Transfer Scale which is easily disinfected with a wipe.

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