My beam is not moving freely.

  1. Remove the end caps (the rectangular box next to the large poise with the medical emblem on it). There is one screw in the front and one in the back. Once caps have been removed sternly jiggle the beam assembly to loosen the scale mechanics. With caps still off balance the beam with the adjustment screw to the left side of the beam. Turn counterclockwise or clockwise until beam is floating freely in the center. Replace the end caps.


  1. There is an opening underneath the T-bar section of the beam. Inside there is a multi level assembly with 3 u-shape loops. Make sure the steel rod is attached in the center and all the u-shape loops are positioned properly. Next, double check the base and make sure the steel rod is properly connected to the nose iron. (Using the pull loop take your finger pull the loop while pressing against the base and place the hook in the nose iron hole). (See photos in your instruction manual.)

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