Wireless Connectivity Now Available Between Welch Allyn® Vital Signs Monitors and Health o meter® Professional Scales

A new wireless connectivity solution is now available for select Welch Allyn vital signs monitors to interface with Health o meter® Professional digital scales. Expanding on existing connectivity solutions with Welch Allyn, this new wireless solution utilizes Pelstar wireless technology to transmit weight, height, and Body Mass Index (BMI) data from the scale to the vital signs monitor. This wireless solution is the market’s only wireless system for Welch Allyn products that is also compatible with the hundreds of thousands of Health o meter® Professional scales already in use in the market; there is no need for facilities to purchase new scales to upgrade to wireless capabilities.

Health o meter® Professional Scales parntered with Welch Allyn to provide medical facilities the benefits of connecting their vital signs monitor to their patient scales. Communication between a vital signs monitor and scale improves workflow and patient safety by allowing for automated data transmission and reducing the risk of manual data entry errors. With this new solution, users have the option of connecting their scales via USB cables or wirelessly to eliminate cables and cords. Utilizing Pelstar wireless technology, this is the ideal wireless solution offering a highly-secure network helping to protect confidential patient information during transmission over a range of up to 100 meters (330 feet), depending on office configuration.

Connecting vital signs monitoring devices via the wireless system allows the Welch Allyn device to interface directly with virtually all of Health o meter® Professional scales, which includes the market’s largest offering of wireless and EMR capable scales. Health o meter® Professional is the market leader and fastest growing brand of medical scales in North America. Their comprehensive line of professional scales includes low and high capacity stand-on scales, wheelchair, chair, neonatal, pediatric, veterinary and home healthcare scales.

Ken Harris, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Health o meter® Professional Scales states, “We’re proud that we have been able to develop a wireless solution that meets the most rigorous requirements for our customers and is compatible not only with our new scales, but also all the EMR-compatible scales our customers have already invested in.”

Device connectivity is vital for a healthcare facility’s workflow, patient safety, and EMR compliance efforts. Together, Welch Allyn and Health o meter® Professional Scales are offering solutions to benefit customers and their patients.

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