“Weighing the Risks: Hospital Scales, Accuracy and Safety” White Paper Released

Pelstar LLC/Health o meter® Professional Scales announces a new white paper, “Weighing the Risks: Hospital Scales, Accuracy and Safety”, which explores the challenges, risks and costs of hospital scales—along with the safe use and proper selection of scales for Acute Care systems.

Acute Care facilities utilize scales for multiple tasks such as recording weight to track health, measuring fluid retention, and calculating medication dosages. Though scales are a necessary piece of equipment, the maintenance and purchasing of scales is often overlooked. Outdated, unsafe scales can lead to falls and injuries for both patients and healthcare professionals. Additionally, miscalibrated or inaccurate scales can cause improper treatment or inconsistencies across a health system.

This new white paper is a compilation of information from numerous studies and focuses on the accuracy and safety associated with using scales in the Acute Care (hospital) environment. Developed for healthcare professionals, the paper highlights what is important when selecting a scale for a facility and how scales should be maintained to ensure the greatest accuracy. Specific topics examined in the document include: the growing risk (and cost) of patient and caregiver injuries after falls from traditional scales; how improper weight measurements can harm patients; and why employees and patients benefit from standardization across hospital systems and Integrated Delivery Networks.  

“As the market leader in professional healthcare scales we believe it’s important to help keep our customers educated on what’s going on in their world and an educated user can make better decisions about the scales in their facilities” said Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ken Harris.

“Weighing the Risks: Hospital Scales, Accuracy and Safety” is available for free download here.  For additional questions, Health o meter® Professional Scales can be contacted at 1-800-815-6615. 

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