Select Health o meter® Professional Scales Now Available with Pelstar Wireless Technology

Health o meter® Professional Scales announces that its line of platform and wheelchair scales are now available with Pelstar wireless technology. With internal wireless components, no external hardware is required to attach to the scale. Utilizing Pelstar wireless technology, these scales transmit data to Welch Allyn® Connex® devices or Windows® PCs. The extensive operating functions of the scales remain standard, including LB /KG Lock Out, Tare, Recall, and more. To support customers in their pursuit of safe patient care, these scales feature Everlock®, Health o meter Professional’s patent pending technology that allows users to permanently lock the scales into either metric or imperial weighing modes. Health o meter® Professional Scales has the broadest range of scales with wireless technology in the industry. The new “BT” scales are available for purchase exclusively through Health o meter® Professional Scales authorized distributors. The complete list of BT SKUs is as follows: 1100KL-BT, 1100KG-BT, 2101KL-BT, 2101KG-BT, 2400KL-BT, 2400KG-BT, 2500KL-BT, 2500KG-BT, 2600KL-BT, 2600KG-BT, 2610KL-BT, 2610KG-BT, 2650KL-BT, 2650KG-BT, 2700KL-BT, 2700KG-BT.

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