Optional Trays Now Available for 3400KL Digital Wet Diaper/Lap Sponge/Organ Scale

Stainless steel weighing trays are now an available accessory for the 3400KL Digital Wet Diaper/Lap Sponge/Organ Scale. The optional 9 ¾” x 7 ¾” tray is useful for weighing items that require a flat surface. The tray is also removable, can be autoclaved, and is available for purchase in packages of 3. Customers can purchase the trays through their medical supply distributor as item # 3400TRAY and are exclusive to the 3400KL scale. Additional weighing pans can also be ordered in packages of 3 as item # 3400PAN. Launched earlier this year, the 3400KL scale is easily portable, powered by a rechargeable battery, features a backlight display and is TAA compliant. See the 3400KL here: www.homscales.com/products/digital-wet-diaperlap-spongeorgan-scale

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