New KG-Only Pediatric Scales

Health o meter® Professional Scales announces new kilogram-only versions of its Pediatric scales: 549KG, 553KG, 524KG and 522KG.

Many healthcare providers believe that weight measurements in LB can lead to confusion, and these KG-only scales provide caregivers with kilograms measurements only. Since medications are typically dosed based on the patient’s weight, KG-only scales are ideal for facilities standardizing on metric measurements in pediatric environments. The newly released scales use Health o meter Professional’s experience and advanced technology to precisely measure patients in metric measurements, and were released in response to the company’s commitment to meeting the needs of medical professionals.

The 549KG, 553KG, 524KG and 522KG are available for purchase through Health o meter® Professional Scales authorized distributors, have a 2 year warranty, and are eligible for ScaleSurance, Health o meter® Professional’s extended warranty program. Click the links below to visit the product pages.





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