New Display Head for Health o meter® Professional Remote Display Wheelchair Scales

Health o meter® Professional Scales announces a new display head for its line of remote display wheelchair scales, 2400KL, 2650KL and 2700KL. The new display features a high-contrast color screen and an interactive, user-friendly interface that makes using the scale and evaluating patients “weigh easier”.  The interface provides an on-screen help menu that guides users through operating functions. Users can also easily customize settings including audible sounds and the length of time before the scale turns off.  The extensive operating functions historically available on these wheelchair scales remain standard, including LB /KG Lock Out, Tare, Recall, and more, in addition to the array of new features and functions. End-users will enjoy the extended battery life and large keypad of the new display heads. Facilities looking to integrate with an EMR system or vital signs device have a variety of connectivity options including Pelstar wireless technology. Click below to view the newly enhanced models.




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