New Display Head for Health o meter® Professional 3001KL-AM and 3001KL-AMX Antimicrobial Platform Scales

Health o meter® Professional Scales has introduced a new display head for the 3001KL-AM and 3001KL-AMX Antimicrobial Platform Scales. Recently launched on the 2101KL model, this new display head features a high-contrast color screen and an interactive, user-friendly experience. The interface provides an on-screen help menu that describes the scale’s operating functions and allows easy access for customizing multiple settings. Utilizing innovative, proprietary software, the scale allows users to select from options including variable Auto Off time, Time/Date, and Audible sounds or Mute. The extensive operating functions of the 3001KL-AM and 3001KL-AMX models include LB / KG Conversion, LB /KG Lock Out, Body Mass Index (BMI), Tare, Auto Zero, Hold / Release, Recall, and Reweigh.  Designed for optimal workflow efficiency, the new display head also features a longer battery life, larger keypad, and connectivity via cable connection or wireless technology.

“We are excited to continue rolling out our new technology that lives up to our company motto of ‘Weigh Easier,’” said Roz Ben-Chitrit, VP of business development and product management. “Once again, our team has succeeded in creating a solution that is just right for the market with technology that is useful and meaningful to end users. We will continue to focus on products that improve workflow, provide accuracy our customers can count on, and offer the best value in the market…all topped off with the most responsive Customer Service team in the industry.”

Click here to view the new 3001KL-AM.

Click here to view the new 3001KL-AMX.

Alternate models 3001KL-AMUA and 3001KL-HR will also feature the new display head. 

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