Midmark Partners With Pelstar LLC, makers of Health o meter® Professional Scales

Midmark Corporation, the industry leader in integrated digital diagnostic devices for ambulatory care, today announced a partnership with Pelstar LLC, to interface with their line of Health o meter® Professional scales with Midmark IQvitals™ and IQvitals™ PC vital signs devices.

Midmark IQvitals and IQvitals PC improve efficiency and reduce transcription errors with automated capture of blood pressure, temperature, SpO2 and pulse rate. Adding a Health o meter® Professional scale allows the clinician to automatically capture and record patient weight data, reducing errors experienced through manual transcription.

“Like the IQvitals device, Health o meter® Professional scales use USB connection, enhancing ease of use for electronically capturing weight data,” commented Mark Denning, vice president of sales and marketing, Health o meter® Professional. “This alliance is a great opportunity for our scales to reach an even broader population of physicians working toward meaningful use. Physicians and medical facilities of all sizes benefit by having reliable tools when acquiring vital signs data for their patients.”

Health o meter® Professional offers over 25 models of digital medical scales, including physician’s scales, bariatric scales, wheelchair scales, specialty scales, and infant and pediatric scales. All of these medical scale models can be interfaced with Midmark vital signs devices through a computer.

“Midmark strives to create solutions that promote efficient and effective patient care,” stated Kurt Forsthoefel, senior marketing manager. “The partnership offers even more choices for facilities with an EHR/EMR and will assist physicians toward meaningful use.”

Non-EMR users can also benefit from these products by utilizing Midmark IQmanager™ software, an electronic patient record management utility for all IQ diagnostics products, IQecg™, IQspiro, IQholter™ and IQstress™.

For more information, please call 1-800-MIDMARK or visit midmark.com. For more information about the efficient exam room, please visit midmarkclinicalsolutions.com.

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