Health o meter® Professional Scales Participates in the Super Service Challenge with Intent to Win Part of $1 Million to Benefit Local Charities

Health o meter® Professional Scales is participating in a new Super Service Challenge initiative called the Corporate Partner Program, a nationwide volunteer service initiative that challenges companies to serve nonprofits, donate funds to the nonprofits served, and create videos sharing why they served. Companies can win part of $1 million in funding for the nonprofits they serve plus receive matching funds for their corporate donations. Health o meter® Professional Scales serves the nonprofit “AIM High” and has entered a video into the Super Service Challenge on behalf of this organization to promote education.

The Super Service Challenge has made significant impact across the U.S. and has donated a total of $5.5 million to nonprofits across the nation. Companies who participate serve a registered 501(c)(3), donate funding to the nonprofit, and then capture a short video detailing why they served. Entries have the potential to win a grand prize donation of $50,000. The top donation will be announced during the 2016 Super Bowl Week.

“Our mission is to turn a giving company into a company of givers,” said Dave Lindsey, founder of the Super Service Challenge. “We’ve found that coworkers who volunteer together not only benefit their communities but benefit their company as well. Serving together changes the way employees view each other, which has a positive impact on morale and fulfillment within the workplace.”

Last year, over 100,000 hours of service were logged because of the Super Service Challenge. To impact your business through the power of service, or to learn more about the challenge, visit

To view and vote for the Health o meter® Professional Scales’ Super Service Challenge video, visit and search for Health o meter Professional.

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