Health o meter® Professional Scales Introduces New Heavy Duty Antimicrobial Scale

Pelstar LLC, manufacturer of Health o meter® Professional Scales, announces the release of its newest antimicrobial platform scale, the 3102KL-AM.

“We are very excited about bringing this scale to market,” said Rosalyn Ben-Chitrit, VP product management and business development. “When designing the 3102KL-AM, we built in several features that can help healthcare providers with areas of key concern, such as fall prevention, infection control and workflow efficiency. Providers have told us that their patients are more frail and unsteady than ever, making them more likely to fall. The new scale provides the most stable and secure weighing experience on the market with its extended “live” handrails and the lowest profile platform available. The scale’s heavy duty construction, low profile, and low center of gravity allow patients to pull themselves onto the scale without fear of it tipping over,” she added.

Healthcare facilities looking for ways to improve their infection control efforts will appreciate the scale’s antimicrobial properties. The scale features an antimicrobial keypad along with antimicrobial powder coating on the scale’s handrails, pillar and transport handle. This silver ionic powder coating technology can suppress the growth of microorganisms and limit the transmission of harmful microbes. Additionally, the scale’s sleek design is easy to clean and eliminates areas where infection-causing organisms can grow.

The 3102KL-AM was developed with durability, accuracy and ease of use in mind. It is designed to withstand frequent movement and, with its 1000 lb capacity, it can weigh the heaviest of patients accurately. Practitioners will improve their workflow because of its intuitive user interface and the ability to move the scale from patient to patient.

To learn more about the new Health o meter® Professional 3102KL-AM Heavy Duty Antimicrobial scale, click here.

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