Health o meter Professional Scales’ Introduces a High Capacity Remote Display Digital Scale with a Large Base and Optional Accessories

Health o meter® Professional Scales introduces the 1110KL, a high capacity remote display digital scale with a large base, designed to be customizable to accommodate any patient and facility. The remote display provides versatility with the ability to be mounted on a wall, placed on a table, or handheld. The scale’s keypad features antimicrobial protection, the non-skid low profile platform provides a safe weighing environment, and its 1000 lb high capacity offers flexibility in which patients can be measured.

Designed for your practice's ever-changing needs, optional accessories include handlebars and a mechanical or digital height rod. The scale is also offered with Pelstar® wireless technology, model 1110KL-BT. The new 1110KL and attachable accessory options are available for purchase exclusively through Health o meter® Professional Scales authorized distributors and is also eligible for a ScaleSurance® extended warranty.

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