Health o meter® Professional Scales Announces Upgrades for 349KLX Scale

Health o meter® Professional Scales has redesigned its model 349KLX Digital Floor Scale with a modified battery type and display stand. Upon reviewing customer feedback regarding battery life, the display head will no longer utilize a single 9V battery and instead will be powered by 6 AA batteries. This modification will provide substantially longer battery life. The upgraded version of the 349KLX also features a new table-top stand that attaches to the back of the display head in one simple step.

“The 349KLX is one of our most popular scales, but even with best-selling items, we always look for ways to improve,” said President and CEO Dan Maeir. “During a review of customer calls and suggestions, we determined that we could easily improve satisfaction by modifying the scale to increase battery life. Our engineers embraced the project and we are happy to introduce this new and improved version of a consistent market favorite,” he added.

Click here to view the product page for the upgraded 349KLX.

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