Health o meter Professional Scales’ Announces the Launch of a New Handlebar Accessory for the Entire Line of 499 Series Scales

Health o meter® Professional Scales introduces a unique accessory that provides extra stability while weighing a patient. The new 499HB is a sturdy, “live” handrail that help patients with poor or impaired balance maintain stability while standing on the platform without affecting accuracy or weight reading. Its wrap-around design improves patient experience and allows patients of any height to comfortably hold the handlebars.

The 499HB handlebars can be mounted to new or existing 499KL, 499KG, 499KLHR & 499KGHR scales using the convenient pre-drilled mounting holes or existing scales by using the easy-to-use drill guides. The 499HB is available for purchase exclusively through Health o meter® Professional Scales authorized distributors.

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