Health o meter Professional Scales’ Announces New US Patent for Everlock®

Health o meter® Professional Scales' announces new US Patent # 11354393 for Everlock®, an exclusive feature that allows a scale to be permanently locked in kilogram or pound units.

Everlock® can be activated at the time of first use or when the need arises. This innovative option provides security for facilities that need a permanent unit lock, with no risk of accidental unlock. It also gives flexibility to organizations unsure of future standardization requirements and hesitant to invest in a KG-only scale. Should a facility’s weight unit requirement change, the scale’s display head can be sent back to Health o meter® Professional Scales to be reset, which does not affect the calibration and allows the facility to economically repurpose their scale. There is no additional cost for the Everlock® feature, available on select Health o meter® Professional scales. Learn more about Everlock®

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