Health o meter® Professional Scales Announces New Features and Functions for Wheelchair Scale Line

Health o meter® Professional Scales is introducing a new display head for its industry-leading line of wheelchair scales, starting with the 2500KL, 2500CKL, 2600KL, and 2610KL models. The new display heads, with their high-contrast color screens, provide users with an interactive, user-friendly experience. The larger keypad and extended battery life are two of the new features that make the scales easier to use and maintain.

The new on-screen help menu allows facilities to personalize their scales by selecting features like audible sounds, the length of time before the scale turns off, and more. For facilities that integrate their scales with EMRs or vital sign monitors, the new design allows customers to choose from multiple methods of connecting their scales with those systems.

In addition to Health o meter® Professional scales’ durability and top-of-the-line accuracy, the extensive operating functions remain available. The 2600/2610KL are unmatched in the industry as the only wheelchair scales on the market with casters, making them easier to maneuver than any other wheelchair scales available today.

”Health o meter® Professional Scales will continue to introduce new products and features to help our customers move into the future,” said Ken Harris, Health o meter® Professional’s EVP of sales and marketing. “Our focus remains making the work of all our partners “weigh easier” as we add value to our products with features that really matter and with our unmatched customer service and support.”

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