Health o meter® Professional Scales 600KL Digital Scale Now Available with Pelstar Wireless Technology

Pelstar LLC, manufacturer of Health o meter® Professional Scales, announces that its 600KL digital scale is now available with Pelstar wireless technology. The new 600KL-BT allows users to connect the scale wirelessly or via USB to a PC or other electronic device. Utilizing Pelstar wireless technology, the 600KL-BT offers security of patient data while transmitting over a range of up to 100 meters (330 feet). The technology improves workflow and patient safety by enabling automated data transmission and reducing the risks associated with data entry errors. The valuable features of the original 600KL remain intact on the new scale, including an eye-level 350° swivel display, digital height rod, low profile platform, and automatic BMI calculation.

“With more and more medical facilities – from independent doctor offices to large hospitals – choosing to interface their devices with EMRs, our 600KL-BT will make it ‘Weigh Easier’ for our customers to select how they choose to transfer the data from a scale to the medical record,” said Rosalyn Ben-Chitrit, VP of product management. “We know that a seamless solution is what people are ready for now, so we responded with the 600KL-BT. I’m delighted by the positive response we’ve had to the product thus far and expect it to grow quickly.”

Click here to learn more about the new Health o meter® Professional 600KL-BT Eye Level Scale with Digital Height Rod and Pelstar Wireless Technology.

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