Health o meter® Professional Announces Increased Capacity to Heavy-Duty Physician Scale with Digital Height Rod

Health o meter Professional announces the latest upgrade in their Heavy-Duty Eye-Level Physician Scale featuring an Integral Digital Height Rod. The upgraded 600KL scale now supports a maximum weight capacity of 660 pounds (300 kilograms), catering to a wider spectrum of patients. This durable scale is equipped with a built-in digital height rod, an aluminum corrosion-resistant column, and a 350° swivel display for readability from any direction, and the adapter is included. Transporting the scale is simplified with its two wheels. The user-friendly interface allows easy access to functions like BMI calculation, hold/release, zero, tare, and switching between kilograms and pounds. Additional options include built-in wireless technology and kilogram-only models. You can purchase the upgraded 600KL exclusively through authorized Health o meter® Professional Scales distributors. To explore the new features of the upgraded 600KL, click here, or for more information, call 1-800-815-6615 or visit

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