Employees of Pelstar LLC/Health o meter® Professional Scales Participate in Fund Raising 5K Race

Employees of Pelstar LLC, manufacturer of Health o meter® Professional Scales, took part in the Center for Companies That Care third annual 5K March to College. The race was held on May 8, 2014 in Chicago’s Grant Park and proceeds directly benefit Chicagoland’s underserved children through initiatives like AIM High, a mentoring program which has successfully been sending 100% of participating students to college for six years; and Invisible Differences, an initiative promoting college completion for the growing number of students with neurobehavioral and learning disabilities. In addition to participating in the race, a number of Pelstar LLC/Health o meter® Professional Scales employees are corporate mentors in the AIM High program.

According to companies-that-care.org, Only 6% of Chicago’s public high school students graduate from college by the age of 25. Unlike their middle-class peers, urban minority students do not grow up surrounded by college-going expectations,” explains Marci Koblenz, President and Founder of Center for Companies That Care. “The March to College establishes this expectation early on and cements a positive association with college attendance. It also presents an opportunity for all Chicagoans to show their support of education and social justice.” 

The Center for Companies that Care is a national, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving communities and workplaces through community-building initiatives and education. To become a partner with the Center for Companies that Care or to learn more about their AIM High program, visit their website, www.companies-that-care.org/action/aim-high.

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