Bridge Healthcare Launches STAR System – Safe Turning And Repositioning Product Line

McCook, IL April 17, 2024 – Pelstar LLC, the manufacturer behind the trusted, safe patient handling brand Bridge Healthcare, is excited to introduce its latest innovation, the STAR (Safe Turning And Repositioning) System. Bridge Healthcare’s STAR system was designed to aid caregivers in turning and repositioning patients, a highly repeatable task for any bedside caregiver. This system significantly reduces the physical effort required to perform these tasks and saves caregivers valuable time by having the system readily available.

The STAR System is comprised of three key components – the Base (featuring a Repositioning Sheet with Handles or BridgeAIR), Foam Wedges, and BreatheDRY absorbent pad – this repositioning system equips caregivers with essential tools for seamlessly moving patients within the bed. By reducing exertion and efficiently rotating patients, it aids in relieving pressure on vulnerable areas, mitigating the risk of hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs). Engineered with advanced materials, the system ensures optimal breathability and high-wicking properties, facilitating effective moisture management even when not actively in use beneath the patient.

Anthony Febbraro, Director of Safe Patient Handling, says, "As Safe Patient Handling becomes part of a larger quality directive to include the prevention of pressure injuries, infections, and falls, the STAR system closes the gap as a solution to provide astronomical preventative costs across these events.”

According to Scott Gottman, Director of Business Development at Bridge Healthcare, “With the launch of the STAR system, we have a unique solution for our healthcare customers regarding turning and repositioning problems for their patients. Our Star system can help with safety, risk, and financial hurdles at any institution.”

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