Bridge Healthcare Announces New BridgeAir Air-Assisted Lateral Transfer and Repositioning Mattress

BridgeAir Announcement

McCook, IL September 18, 2023 – Pelstar LLC, the manufacturer of market-leading medical scales Health o meter Professional, and safe patient products McAuley Medical and Bridge Healthcare have announced BridgeAir™ a new Breathable Air-Assisted Lateral Transfer and Repositioning Mattress. Bridge Healthcare’s BridgeAir was designed to prioritize the well-being of caregivers, patients, and healthcare organizations. With its exceptional features, this mattress revolutionizes patient transfer by significantly reducing the physical effort required, offers advanced microclimate testing for optimal comfort, and provides value-driven purchasing programs that set it apart as the premier choice.

The BridgeAir, available in both Single Patient Use and Reusable models, offers a quality focus design and construction and reduces lateral transfer force, minimizing the likelihood of caregiver injury. At the same time, it creates a safe and comfortable transfer solution for patients. Advanced materials allow for optimal breathability, and high-wicking properties maximize water vapor transmission rates, making it safe to leave underneath the patient when not in use.

Anthony Febbraro, Director of Safe Patient Handling, says, "Adding the air-assisted lateral transfer products to our already best-in-class rollboard and slide sheets, solidifies our position as a lateral patient transfer market leader. No company can offer such an economical and clinically beneficial solution to safe patient handling.” 

According to Scott Gottman, Director of Business Development at Bridge Healthcare, “With the launch of BridgeAir, we have a unique solution for our customers regarding lateral transfer problems. Our portfolio of BridgeAir products can help with safety, risk, and financial hurdles at any institution.”

For more information, visit or call 1-800-815-6615.

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