Body Composition Analysis Scales Now Available From Health o meter® Professional Scales

Health o meter® Professional Scales announces the launch of its G6 Series body composition analysis scales. Using bio-impedance technology from Valhalla Scientific, the G6 Series scales provide a full body composition report including body weight, body fat %, visceral fat, fat-free mass, body water %, muscle-mass, body mass index, and recommended daily caloric intake. As the leading medical scale brand, Health o meter® Professional Scales partnered with Valhalla Scientific to bring to the market a sophisticated yet affordable device that will help physicians address obesity and fitness in their patient populations. Performing a detailed body composition analysis and educating the patient about the results provides a valuable service that can impact patient health and also drive revenue for physician practices.

“Given the growing prevalence of obesity and weight management issues, we recognized the need to market a professional body composition scale for the medical community,” said Ken Harris, Health o meter Professional’s executive VP of sales and marketing. “Joining forces with Valhalla Scientific, a leader in the design and manufacture of precision measurement devices, was an exceptional opportunity that we believe will lead to a winning solution for our distribution partners and their end-user customers,” he continued.

The G6 Series Body Composition Scales are available in 4 versions: whole-body (adult only or adult/pediatric), segmented and upper-body models.  Users can connect the scale to their printer and choose from 3 graphic printout formats to use with their patients: Adult/Bariatric, Pediatric and Fitness. Exclusive to the G6 Series, these personalized printouts provide patients with their body composition analysis and information regarding the health risks associated with being overweight. The 7-page pediatric printouts include the patient’s BMI percentile, color coded body fat ranges, portion size matrix, and activity based caloric burn rate.

Also exclusive to the G6 Series is a 1000lb capacity and few pretest requirements. This versatility allows the analysis to be performed at any time of day and under almost any circumstances, resulting in the greatest flexibility of any body composition analyzer currently on the market. The large platform provides patients the space to find a comfortable and secure stance. The FDA-registered G6 Series scales are designed and manufactured in the USA.

G6 series scales are available for purchase through Health o meter® Professional Scales authorized distributors. Click here to view the product page.

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