Health o meter® Professional Scales – A Trusted Brand with a Valued History

In 1919, Continental Scale Works, now known as Health o meter® Professional Scales, revolutionized the medical scale industry. From inventing the iconic “doctor’s” beam scale to becoming a trusted name in healthcare, this brand has a rich history of innovation and customer dedication.

History and Evolution


(Left) First Physician’s Beam Scale, Health-o-Meter Professional circa 1920

(Right) Health-O-Meter original Model 100 bath scale with drum-type dial circa 1919

Health o meter® Professional Scales was originally formed in 1919 as Continental Scale Works, a Chicago, IL-based medical scale manufacturer, and recognized as the inventor of the “doctor’s” beam scale. Over the years, the company evolved into the Health o meter® Professional Scales brand, with a strong heritage of providing high-quality weighing instruments for primary care providers, hospitals, and more. For over ten decades, healthcare organizations have trusted the company as experts in the manufacturing and design of medical scales

Customer-Focused Culture - weigheasier®

Throughout its 100-year history, Health o meter® Professional Scales has operated in a strong customer-focused environment. In the healthcare industry, the company is known for consistently going above and beyond to meet customers’ needs with their weigheasier® company culture. This includes:

  • Efficient and timely responses to customer inquiries and requests
  • Fast, on-time shipping and industry-leading fill rates
  • Nationwide support from over 100+ field representatives
  • Hassle-free warranty coverage
  • weigheasier® for the customer – whether the customer is a healthcare professional, healthcare system, distributor, or sales team

Health o meter Professional's 502KL Digital Scale with Digital Height Rod and Handlebars 

Trusted for Quality and Support

Consistently ranked among the best companies in the market, Health o meter® Professional Scales is trusted fo its product quality, delivery, in-field service, and overall support of its customers. Having confidence that a manufacturer will provide pre and post-sale support is an important factor when purchasing medical products. Working with a company known for its integrity and customer-focused philosophy gives peace of mind to an organization’s equipment investments.

Watch the video below to learn more about Health o meter® Professional Scales and experience their commitment to excellence firsthand.

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