Providing Patients a Safe and Effective Weighing Experience

Traditionally, physician offices and clinics have weighed patients on mechanical balance beam scales or low capacity/small platform digital scales. With the aging of America’s baby boomers many providers are seeing an increase in elderly patients. These patients may have poor or impaired balance and are seldom offered a weighing option that takes into consideration their stability or the possibility of a fall.

Elderly patients often have impaired mobility, which is defined as lower extremity weakness and decreased balance. This limits their ability to maintain their balance on a scale’s platform. To gain stability, patients would often grab the column of the scale or sometimes use a walker. However, by not having their full weight onto the platform, holding onto the scale or the walker produces an inaccurate weight. 

Health o meter Professional Scales recognizes this problem and offers a handlebar accessory for the brand’s 500 series scales. As the best-selling primary care scales in the market, the 500 series scales are frequently used with all types of patients, some of which may require help while standing on the platform. The new 500HB handlebars help patients with poor or impaired balance maintain stability when standing on the platform, without affecting accuracy or weight reading.  The handlebars are available as an accessory for new or existing 500KL, 500KG, 500KL-BT & 500KG-BT scales. Click here to view the 500HB handlebar accessory.  

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