Body Composition Analysis Scales as a Helpful Tool in the Fight Against Obesity

An estimated 70% of the US population is overweight, and the US health system is inundated with patients who suffer from cardiac disease, diabetes and other medical issues caused or impacted by obesity. But physicians face the challenge of sensitively and effectively addressing obesity with their overweight patients. Using a body composition analysis scale can be a powerful tool to help physicians impact their patient’s health.

Beyond just body weight, body composition scales measure a patient’s Body Fat %, Visceral Fat, Fat-Free Mass, Body Water %, Muscle-mass, and Body Mass Index. These measurements provide the physician valuable health data to help more effectively track how a patient loses weight. Physicians need to ensure their patients aren’t losing just water weight but actually losing fat and increasing muscle mass. Providing multiple levels of data and determining personalized goals is an effective way to engage patients in their care and motivate them take control of their health. Additionally, engaged patients can help practices improve outcomes and support efforts to achieve results consistent with MACRA and other regulatory, quality and reimbursement initiatives.

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