3 Ways Springtime Can Help Renew Your Health

Spring is here and with it comes many opportunities to nurture your health. Warmer weather and the rejuvenating spirit of the season can be motivating for improving your well-being. Here are some great activities you can incorporate into a healthy lifestyle while celebrating Spring! 

Clean House - Physically and Mentally     The age-old term “Spring Cleaning” can apply to both your home and your mind. Warmer weather allows you to open windows and let fresh air into your home. Take time to sort through belongings that haven’t been used since last season and donate the items to a local charity or resale store. A cleaner home is very effective for reducing stress and could also help relieve some allergy symptoms. One can also alleviate stress by using the revitalizing tone of Spring to renew your own mindset. Let go of negative thoughts, forgive hurts, and forget the past. Let Spring help move you forward into a new season for welcoming positive thoughts and happiness.

Enjoy Seasonal Foods     Fresh fruits and vegetables are more plentiful come Springtime, allowing you to increase your intake of these healthy foods. Local farmers markets are a great way to purchase fresh produce and see what the season has to offer. Seek out new recipes to best utilize these seasonal items and include them in your balanced diet. 

Exercise!     Spring offers several options to increase your physical activity. With no snow on the ground, bike paths are now available, as well as nature trails and parks. Gardening is also a great form of light exercise and perfect for getting your garden and yard ready for summer. Exercising and being outdoors after a long winter can work wonders for boosting your mood and improving your mental state. 

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