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Engineered with a Purpose

Never over-engineered or engineered for engineering’s sake

Health o meter® Professional continually invests in new technologies to meet the evolving requirements of the healthcare community with new products that are accurate, effective and efficient.

  • Antimicrobial scales
  • Wireless technology
  • Everlock® - Permanent unit lock
  • ... and more!

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For over 100 years, Health o meter® Professional Scales has provided the healthcare market with quality products, becoming the #1 medical scale brand in North America. We earned this market position with our outstanding service and support, operating according to a customer-focused business philosophy.

Our century of experience has taught us that the way a customer interacts with a company is at least as important as offering quality, reliable and easy-to-use products. Our “weigheasier®” company culture embodies our standards and systems, as we constantly strive to do what is weigheasier® for the customer.

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