Infant to Toddler, 2 in 1 Digital Scale


Features & Benefits

Weighs Infants and Toddlers

Dual-purpose scale can be used with the infant weighing tray or toddler step-on platform.

Weight Hold

Weight value is held on the display so caregiver can attend to patient before recording the weight.

Tare Function

Conveniently subtracts the weight of a blanket or diaper from the patient’s weight.

Imperial and Metric Measurement

Offers users the opportunity to weigh patients in whichever unit is required.

Easy to Use

Lightweight and portable with simple functionality and easy to read digital display.

Removable Tray

The removable tray makes it easy to clean the device.

Built-In Connection Port for eBABYHR

Digital baby height rod simply snaps onto the scale for a comprehensive weighing and measuring device.


Auto Off Hold Tare Unit


  • Capacity: 44 lb / 20 kg
  • Resolution: 0.5 oz / 10 g
  • Platform Size: 12 ½” x 8 ⅝” x 1 ¼” / 318 mm x 219 mm x 32 mm
  • Height Rod: Optional, order eBABYHR & mounting bracket 550EHRBRACKET
  • Measuring Tape:
  • Graduation:
  • Display: ½” / 13 mm digit height LCD
  • Wheels:
  • Power Source: 9V battery included
  • Connectivity:
  • Seat Size:
  • Warranty: 2 year limited warranty - eligible for ScaleSurance extended warranty
  • Carrying Case: 553CASE
  • Tray Size: 23 ½” x 8” x 2” / 597 mm x 203 mm x 51 mm

Calibration Documents

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