Health o meter Professional® Scales is an innovator in product design, continually addressing the market with products that are visually appealing and offer superior functionality for end-users. Our product line includes a number of patented scale designs including:

USA Patent #: D508655 

Models: 2101KL, 3001KL-AM, 3001KL-AMX, 2500KL, 2600KL, 2610KL

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USA Patent #: D565446 

Models: 499KL, 500KL, 522KL, 524KL

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USA Patent #: D584649 

Models: 597KL, 597KG, 599KL, 600KL, ELEVATE, 752KL, 753KL

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USA Patent #: D667323

Models: 600KL, ELEVATE

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