Antimicrobial Scales

Patient Scales Protected with Axalta’s Alesta® AM Antimicrobial Powder Coating A silver zinc zeolite antimicrobial technology that is known to inhibit the growth of microbes on powder-coated surfaces.

Recognizing that infection control and patient and caregiver safety are serious issues for healthcare facilities, Health o meter® Professional Scales developed five Antimicrobial scales featuring Axalta’s Alesta® AM Antimicrobial powder coating. The antimicrobial powder coating on the scale’s handrails and transport handle use silver-zinc zeolite antimicrobial technology known to inhibit microbes’ growth on powder-coated surfaces. The scale’s keypads feature Antimicrobial protection. Health o meter® Professional’s platform scales, wheelchair scales, and in-bed/stretcher scales are also protected with Antimicrobial keypads.

Scales that feature antimicrobial keypads and antimicrobial powder coating on handrails and transport handle.

Antimicrobial Digital Platform Scale, with Extended Handrails

Scales that feature keypads with antimicrobial technology.

In-Bed/Stretcher Scale

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