Acute Care Scales

Health o meter® Professional Scales introduces their extensive line of Acute Care Scales. 

Dedicated to bringing you great value-based scales engineered with a purpose, the Health o meter® Professional hospital line was developed to improve workflow while keeping patients and caregivers safe.  The newest state-of-the-art products include a fold-up wheelchair scale, a heavy-duty highly-mobile platform scale, and a high-resolution neonatal tray scale, leading the industry in antimicrobial protection, connectivity, accuracy, reliability, and safety. Other Acute Care scales include a stainless steel wet diaper/lap sponge/organ scale with an easy-to-read backlight and a patient transfer scale that weighs immobile patients instantly, shortening door to needle time.

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Heavy Duty Antimicrobial Platform Scale



  • Lighter weight for easier portability
  • Software upgrade to include BMI, Tare, Pre-tare, Hold/Release and Everlock®
  • Optional electronic height rod
  • Improved structural design and low profile platform

High-Resolution Antimicrobial Digital Neonatal/Pediatric Tray Scale

2210KL-AM (2 sided-tray)
2210KL4-AM (4 sided-tray)


  • New Scale Options: KG only to ensure patient safety and Built-in Wireless (BT Models)
  • New operating functions, including EMR Connectivity, Weight Hold, Breast Milk Intake, Pre-tare, Hold/ Release and Everlock®
  • Backlit display for easy readability
  • Extended handles

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Antimicrobial Wall Mounted Fold Down Wheelchair Scale



  • Easy to lift platform conserves space
  • Low profile wall mounted wheelchair scale provides a flexible and safe weighing environment
  • Safety features, edges, and lips, provide clinicians and patients confidence during the weighing process

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Digital Wet Diaper/Lap Sponge/ Organ Scale

3400KL / 3400KG (Pan)
3401KL (Tray)

  • Stable, stainless steel base and removable stainless steel weighing pan or tray that can be autoclaved for sterilization
  • Powered by a long-life rechargeable battery
  • Backlit display that’s easy to read at any angle and light condition

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Patient Transfer Scale


  • A transfer board with a built-in medical scale that provides a weight measurement when transferring a patient
  • Weighs immobile patients instantly and accurately
  • It helps shorten door-to-needle times for time-critical patients
  • All departments can benefit from the PTS, particularly Stroke Units, the Emergency Room, ICU, and Radiology.

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