Handlebar Accessory for the 500 Series Scales


Features & Benefits

Improves Patient Experience

Helps patients with poor or impaired balance maintain stability when standing on the platform

Accommodates Patients of Any Height

Wrap-around design allows patients of any height to comfortably hold the handlebars

“Live” Wrap Around Handlebars
Provide stability without affecting accuracy or weight reading
Easily attaches to your new or existing 500KL scale
The handlebar is easy to attach to any new scale using the pre-drilled mounting holes and can also be attached to any existing scale using the easy-to-use drill guides.


  • Capacity:
  • Resolution:
  • Platform Size:
  • Height Rod:
  • Measuring Tape:
  • Graduation:
  • Display:
  • Wheels:
  • Power Source:
  • Connectivity:
  • Seat Size:
  • Warranty: 2 year limited warranty
  • Carrying Case:
  • Tray Size:

Product Manuals

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