Digital Wheelchair Scale with Dual Ramps

Digital Wheelchair Ramp Scale

Digital Wheelchair Ramp Scale

Health o meter® Professional Scales Announces New Features and Functions for Wheelchair Scale Line

Health o meter® Professional Scales is introducing a new display head for its industry-leading line of wheelchair scales, starting with the 2500KL, 2500CKL, 2600KL, and 2610KL models. The new display heads, with their high-contrast color screens, provide users with an interactive, user-friendly experience. The larger keypad and extended battery life are two of the new features that make the scales easier to use and maintain.

Health o meter® Professional Scales Expands Device Integration with Schiller Americas

Pelstar LLC, manufacturer of Health o meter® Professional Scales, expands its direct integration options to Schiller Americas’ new DS20 diagnostic station. In addition to the top selling 500KL, the                        Health o meter® Professional 499KL can directly interface with the DS20 station. The DS20 diagnostic station offers the most vital signs and physical assessment tools united in one device including spirometry, resting ECG, vital signs and more.