New Permanent Unit Lock Feature for Health o meter® Professional Scales

Health o meter® Professional Scales announces Everlock™, an exclusive new feature that allows a scale to be permanently locked in KG or LB units. Everlock™ can be activated at the time of first use or when the need arises. This patent-pending innovative option provides security for facilities that need permanent unit lock, with no risk of accidental unlock. It also gives flexibility for organizations that are unsure of future standardization requirements and are hesitant to invest in a KG-only scale.

New Wall-Mounted Digital Height Rod from Health o meter® Professional Scales

Health o meter® Professional Scales announces the new 209HR Wall-Mounted Digital Height Rod.  The battery powered headpiece on the sleek new stadiometer offers digital measurements in centimeters, feet, or inches in increments of 0.1” or 1 mm. The crisp digital display enables users to quickly and easily read the measurement at any height or angle, leaving no confusion on the part of the user about the patient’s height. The headpiece slides smoothly along the opto-magnetic height rod channel and remains securely in place when not in use.

Health o meter® Professional 522KL Digital Pediatric Tray Scale Now Available in KG-Only Version

Health o meter® Professional Scales introduces the 522KG, a KG-only version of the top-selling 522KL Digital Pediatric Scale. Though the current 522KL scale can be locked into pounds or kilograms, the 522KG is manufactured without a LB/KG button and only displays weight in kilograms. Utilizing a KG-only scale is ideal for facilities standardizing on metric only measurements and in pediatric environments where “weight based dosing” requires precise data in metric measurements.

Digital Pediatric Tray Scale, KG Only

Health o meter® Professional Digital Wet Diaper/Lap Sponge/Organ Scale Now Available For Canada and as Metric-Only Version

Health o meter® Professional Scales introduces the 3400KG-C, the Canadian version of the 3400KL  Digital Wet Diaper/Lap Sponge/Organ scale. To accommodate the Canadian market, the new 3400KG-C has passed testing to meet Canadian regulatory requirements. This modified scale also features metric-only measurements with refined 1 g resolution and 5000 g capacity, ideal for the operating room or NICU. Non-Canadian customers looking for a metric-only version can order item 3400KG.

Wall-Mounted Digital Height Rod

4 Sided Weighing Tray Now Available on Health o meter® Professional 2210KL Neonatal Scale

Health o meter® Professional Scales adds to its line of Pediatric/Neonatal scales with the introduction of the new 2210KL4. In response to market demand, the Health o meter® Professional 2210KL High Resolution Neonatal scale is now available with a 4 sided weighing tray. In healthcare environments where  weighing Pediatric patients requires a critical degree of accuracy, the 2210KL/2210KL4 scales offer the highest resolution in the industry throughout the entire weight capacity.