Weighing the Risks: Hospital Scales, Accuracy and Safety

When was the last time you really thought about your hospital’s scales?

Most patients will step on a scale as part of their hospital visit. Caregivers record weight to track health, measure fluid retention, or calculate medication dosages. While many scales function well, overlooking your hospital’s scales can be costly.

In this white paper, we examine:

  • The growing risk (and cost) of patient and caregiver injuries after falls from traditional scales
  • Recent findings related to scale inaccuracy at heavier weights
  • How improper weight measurements can harm patients
  • Why employees and patients benefit from standardization across hospital systems and integrated delivery networks (IDNs)
  • How scales can help address the mounting challenge of infection control
Download this white paper to find out how your hospital’s scales measure up, and learn the steps you can take to protect your patients – and your bottom line.
How accurate are your hospital scales?