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Health o meter® Professional Scales Announces New Wireless Thermal Printer

Health o meter® Professional Scales expands its line of connectivity accessories with the addition of a wireless thermal printer, item # BLUETOOTHONE-P. This lightweight printer connects to the scale via Bluetooth® wireless technology and prints patient weight on 58mm (2 1/4”) thermal paper.  Powered by a rechargeable battery, the device prints quickly and clearly when the scale locks onto a patient weight. The wireless printer is useful for providing the patient with a printed copy of their weight measurement at health fairs or weight loss groups.


Health o meter® Professional Scales Reintroduces Wheelchair Scale with Fold-Away Seat

Health o meter® Professional Scales announces that a new, redesigned version of the 2500CKL is now available. The 2500CKL features a large platform and wheelchair ramp with an integrated fold-away patient seat. With a 1,000 lb / 454 kg platform capacity and 419 lb / 190 kg seat capacity, the 2500CKL is a versatile combination scale that serves in multiple capacities. Customers may also purchase the fold-away seat as an accessory to add to their current 2500KL scale, available as item # CHAIRACC.


Health o meter® Professional Scales Announces Upgrades for 349KLX Scale

Health o meter® Professional Scales has redesigned its model 349KLX Digital Floor Scale with a modified battery type and display stand. Upon reviewing customer feedback regarding battery life, the display head will no longer utilize a single 9V battery and instead will be powered by 6 AA batteries. This modification will provide substantially longer battery life. The upgraded version of the 349KLX also features a new table-top stand that attaches to the back of the display head in one simple step.


Health o meter® Professional Scales and Schiller Americas Announce New Device Integration

Pelstar LLC, manufacturer of Health o meter® Professional Scales, announces the development of direct integration between the 500KL digital scale and Schiller Americas’ new D2S0 diagnostic station. The D2S0 diagnostic station offers the most vital signs and physical assessment tools united in one device including spirometry, resting ECG, vital signs and more. The 500KL digital scale is Health o meter® Professional’s top selling product and the industry’s best-selling digital scale.


Pelstar LLC Appoints New Board Member

Pelstar LLC, manufacturer of Health o meter® Professional Scales, announces the appointment of new board member, Paul Pinkus as Chairman of the Audit Committee. Pinkus is a retired Certified Public Accountant with over 40 years of experience providing a broad range of accounting, tax and consulting services to a large array of organizations. Pinkus has also assisted clients directly with valuation of businesses, financial statement projections, as well as formal and informal strategic business planning. He currently serves as President and CEO of Sharing Wisdom, Inc.


New Antimicrobial Platform Scale With Extended Handrails

Pelstar LLC, manufacturer of Health o meter® Professional Scales, introduces the new 3001KL-AMX Antimicrobial Digital Platform Scale with Extended Handrails. An addition to the Health o meter® Professional line of antimicrobial scales, the 3001KL-AMX can be a valuable tool in the fight against Healthcare Associated Infections. The antimicrobial powder coating on the handrails and transport handle suppresses the growth of bacteria and helps protect against cross-contamination.


Health o meter® Professional Scales 600KL Digital Scale Now Available with Built-in Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Pelstar LLC, manufacturer of Health o meter® Professional Scales, announces that its 600KL digital scale is now available with built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology. The new 600KL-BT allows users to connect the scale wirelessly or via USB to a PC or other electronic device. Utilizing Class I Bluetooth® wireless technology, the 600KL-BT offers security of patient data while transmitting over a range of up to 100 meters (330 feet).


Optional Trays Now Available for 3400KL Digital Wet Diaper/Lap Sponge/Organ Scale

Stainless steel weighing trays are now an available accessory for the 3400KL Digital Wet Diaper/Lap Sponge/Organ Scale. The optional 9 ¾” x 7 ¾” tray is useful for weighing items that require a flat surface. The tray is also removable, can be autoclaved, and is available for purchase in packages of 3. Customers can purchase the trays through their medical supply distributor as item # 3400TRAY and are exclusive to the 3400KL scale. Additional weighing pans can also be ordered in packages of 3 as item # 3400PAN.